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This week Andy is skipping town and handing me the keys to Eduwonk. I’m thinking it’ll be like Home Alone except no burglars (knock on wood). So to kick off, a little about me: I started on the ed beat at U.S. News & World Report, where the important national issues I covered included No Child Left Behind, the business community’s role in school reform, and Club Penguin. Then I decided, “Education is local; I should go local” and moved to New York City to cover schools for The New York Sun.

“You’ll watch Joel and Randi battle it out!” was Andy’s reaction to my move, and indeed I have sometimes felt like I have front-row tickets to a smackdown. Now that The Sun sadly has set I’m feeling serious about sticking on the beat. Relentless, one might say. Andy generously offered me this platform for the next week, so please expect New York City school developments and thoughts on the wider ed world too. Also, expect me to use the word relentless as much as possible.

~ Guest blogger Elizabeth Green

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  1. Elizabeth is too modest to say so, but in a town that has the one newspaper that Sarah Palin apparently reads, she was the one breaking the most important stories about public education in New York City over the past year. She was indeed relentless in her pursuit of an accurate account of the workings of the education system, and its effects on students, teachers, and parents.

  2. We will sorely miss Elizabeth’s reportorial skills, and look forward to her week as Andy, especially being being her own editor

  3. EG, I am relentlessly excited that you are blogging this week, so much so that I am leaving my first comment on eduwonk territory. Looking forward to your posts!

  4. Thanks guys! EW: If I can encourage interfacing (without preconditions?) then I think I am doing my job.

  5. Hey, don’t knock Club Penguin — Caitlin Flanagan’s Atlantic essay was certainly some form of relentless pursuit…

  6. Great to see you on Eduwonk! I followed you from US News & World Report to The Sun, and I suspect I’ll become an avid reader of whatever outlet is lucky enough to have you next.

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