Broad Comes Again

We’ll get the news next Tuesday at MoMa, with prize money doubled to $2 million. Miami-Dade’s up for it again and so is Long Beach (which already won in 2003).

They say in their press release that the award is becoming the Nobel Prize of education. If so we’re going to have to get really strict — I mean, relentless — about pronunciation. Rhymes with road! Road.
The finalists:

  • Aldine Independent School District, Texas
  • Broward County Public Schools, Fla.
  • Brownsville Public Schools, Texas
  • Long Beach Unified School District, Calif.
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  •  ~ Guest blogger Elizabeth Green

    2 Replies to “Broad Comes Again”

    1. I hope they have done a better job about looking at test scores. I know in some years the reviewers could have benefited from reading some basic stats books and some articles about how to carefully examine test scores.

    2. Some enterprising reporter should do a piece on how some Broad winners use the “Best in Nation” tag to block legit change.

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