It’s Not Just Ed Voice Anymore!

Posting has been light because I’ve been in California for a few days at a meeting of state level education reform organizations put together by PIE-Net (and I’ve been blogging here this week).   It’s hard to miss the increasing reach and political sophistication of these groups.  Just as you see a bunch of new entrants to the policy dialogue over the past decade in Washington, especially in the wake of No Child Left Behind’s passage, these state education action organizations are starting to make the state level policymaking environment much more multi-polar than it used to be and providing some great opportunities for grantmakers interested in investments in policy change.

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  1. The first step in avoiding “self-sabotage” in the progressive community is to acknowledge that people who oppose NCLB-ty
    pe accountablity are equally sincere and equally deserving of the title of “reformers.”

    The second step is to repudiate people in your own camp who write horribly offensive statements like:

    “Resistance to NCLB has created some nightmarish historical ironies, as one Connecticut NAACP lawyer noted, “One can’t help but remember back [to] the Dixiecrat period when certain Southern states asserted that they were not required to comply with certain federal civil-rights laws designed to protect people’s rights.”

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