2 Replies to “Hangin’ Chad”

  1. And why is that, Andy? It is a grossly inaccurate characterization of the issue at hand. To boot, the issue for the next administration will not be where to invest this fantasy money in new education initiatives (as much as we may all like), but how we can re-align existing investments in all social programs, including education, to better meet existing and future societal needs. Whether at the local, state or federal level, it is hard to see the nation entering a period of dramatic new investment without consequent cuts.

  2. Chad’s logic on the financial crisis is akin to someone saying schools are failing because of NCLB testing. It reflects a obscene lack of understanding of the issue. Credit markets are grinding to a halt right now – one small example of what this means is that that businesses won’t be able to get the short-term financing they need to do things like make payroll – no payroll= no jobs = no businesses = no tax revenue… what does that do to schools?

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