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Do You Know Jack?  Jack Markell’s victory in yesterday’s Democratic primary in Delaware is great news for education reformers.   Along with a lot of other things to recommend him, upon taking office he’ll become one of the very best governors on the ed reform issue and put the state in the position of helping to leverage some of the great work that is happening on education reform in Delaware now.  His campaign site links to Eduwonk for God’s sake, this guy has reform in his DNA.

Denver’s Done. Despite the rhetoric and strike talk, Denver teachers ratified a new contract last night.  77 percent of teachers approved the deal, that’s more than the 59 percent who approved the original Pro-Comp.  Besides that math, if you’re keeping score at home you can score this one for reform, too.  The core issues that Superintendent Michael Bennet wanted to addressare now on the table.  By the way, Pro-Comp may not be the pay-for-performance plan that a lot of folks want to see, but regardless Denver has quietly become a real ground zero in the reform debate, a lot of great stuff happening there (even if former union official and current district official Brad Jupp is a vicious tool of oppression).

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