Wonky Contest

Prize: Jay Mathews’ forthcoming “Work Hard, Be Nice”  –OR– Joanne Jacobs’ “Our School” –OR– My Manny Ramirez bobblehead doll…


Among low-income black and Hispanic kids, fill in the variables: 

  • A, % become college grads
  • B, % enroll in college but never finish
  • C, % get high school diploma only
  • D, % no diploma, possibly GED  
1. Citing your sources, what are A, B, C, and D? I’ve seen pieces of the data, but there are always limitations (sometimes just low-income but not race — or vice-versa; sometimes a single city, like Chicago and Hartford, but not national).  

2. Which state is closest to having complete data?  Ie, is there a state where I can look up any high school and find its college graduation rate, instead of its college enrollment rate?  

Best answer wins.

–Guestblogger Michael Goldstein

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