Seeking to Boost Veep Bid, Bloomberg Enters Eduwonk “Naming” Contest

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But at the same time I took up the challenge from Jay Mathews to “name” the high flying charter groups popping up around the country the Mayor called a press conference to announce new charter schools opening in New York City, calling them “the right idea for the time.”

Well, with all due respect Mr. Mayor, I think you’ve got to do better than that to raise your education creds with the Senator and LKG. Frankly, I prefer some of the other options offered up (for now, I won’t ID the authors):

  • Harder Charters (think Better Cheddar)
  • UPPiesS (Urban Powerhouse Public Schools)
  • NUPPiesS (New Urban Powerhouse Public Schools)
  • PUPPiesS (Paternalistic Urban Powerhouse Public Schools)
  • Gap Reversers
  • Gap Busters
  • Accelerator Schools
  • Growth Schools
  • And Jay’s contributions: tough-love schools, teacher-driven schools, challenge schools, strong-principal schools, achievement-focus schools.
  • And my own lame offering: elite charters.

Please, send more ideas to me. (And Mayor, feel free to fine tune your first try.)
–Guest blogger Richard Whitmire

2 Replies to “Seeking to Boost Veep Bid, Bloomberg Enters Eduwonk “Naming” Contest”

  1. Fine, thoughtful entries all, but none of them (with the possible exception of JM’s “tough-love schools”) gets to the heart of the matter: the culture of the schools and the quasi-parental role the adults in the building take with their students. If you want to escape the “New Paternalism” moniker (and personally I don’t, since it’s accurate and focuses attention where it belongs) you need to come up with a phrase that descibes the defining characteristic that Whitman’s book so smartly isolates.

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