Problem? I Don’t See a Problem

Not content to tolerate one of the (worst) least appreciated higher education systems in the country, Nevada is now vying for a medal in the highly competitive category of Most Interesting State Board of Education. Here we have the story of Greg Nance, 49, forced to quit the board after a series of public make-out sessions with his 20-year-old wife–who was parked next to him, strapped into her motorized wheelchair. Speaking on behalf of the hundreds of local education reporters who sit through interminable hours of school board meetings, I would like to defend Mr. Nance. We contend that school board meetings offer up too few racy incidents, not too many. Just putting that out there.  

–Guestblogger Richard Whitmire

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  1. Amen to that.

    Nothing livens up a 90-minute presentation on a district’s summer school program like a little hanky-panky.

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