Meet Kevin Huffman

Tall. Unassuming. Masterful at articulating Teach For America’s theory of change. Likes: Ohio State Bukeyes. Dislikes: Naysayers.

Starting with basically one other staffer and a fax machine, Kevin led a 30 percent compound annual growth in his seven years heading Teach For America’s development efforts. Not too shabby. Of course, Kevin would be the first to say he didn’t do it alone, that it was also about identifying key staff to lead the charge and developing a regional funding strategy. But, I still think it’s a pretty amazing story. Hello, Chronicle of Philanthropy, are you listening?

–Guestblogger Michele McLaughlin

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  1. I have known Kevin since his high school days, and can testify that even then he was one of the most exceptional human beings I have ever known. I’ve since lost touch with him, and have spent the last half-hour acquainting myself with his extraordinary accomplishments to date. I am exceedingly impressed, but not surprised in the least. Congratulations and continued success, Kevin!

  2. Hey, we get it. TFA=good thing.

    So what about the rest of the 5 million teachers in America? When is TFA going to do something about that?

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