I Drank the Kool-Aid

Thanks to Eduwonk for allowing us to kick-off the first week of his guestblogging extravaganza. I hope Andy catches lots of fish, rewrites the U.S. Constitution or whatever it is he does on vacation. I am happy to see that he has not, in recent times, referred to his SO as the eduwife—that always creeped me out a bit.

So, I have my blogging shoes on, and I’m ready to roll. Feeling a bit rusty. I used to write for the AFTs NCLBlog—be sure to check out what my pals Ed Muir and John See are up to over there (no good I’m sure). I am now at Teach For America. (Yes, they do “let people go the other way” as someone queried me recently at a conference.)  My boss Kevin Huffman talked me into co-blogging for the week at Eduwonk—thanks Kev! He assures me that he can be quite clever—we shall see!

I thought that out of the box I would just put to rest what may be an underlying question about someone who moves from the AFT to TFA (and yes, I have noticed it’s the same letters reversed).

I drank the Kool-Aid. I believe that Teach For America is building the movement to eliminate educational inequity.  There. I said it. Happy now? And, I humbly submit that it is not inconsistent to be a trade unionist at heart and completely embrace the mission of Teach For America. Talk amongst yourselves.

Let’s move on, no? Is guest-blogging about the blogger (yawn)? Or their organization (bigger yawn)? I think not. I will try to keep references to Teach For America within reason. That said, here is my wholly self-indulgent link of the week: as you sip your morning coffee, take a gander at this video clip if you want to get stoked about the sense of possibility—as some like to say at Teach For America—that together we can close the achievement gap.

P.S. Andy, you owe me dinner. I know you are reading your blog on vacation.

–Guestblogger Michele McLaughlin

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