Hello Stevie, Meet Paul…

I am honored to kick off the first week of Andy’s summer vacation with my colleague Michele. I have been on staff at Teach For America for 8 years (I was in the 1992 corps in Houston and later practiced education law in DC before coming back to the mother ship). 
My goals for the week are relatively simple: 1) ensure that we maintain a nice lead-in audience for Goldstein; 2) don’t embarrass Wendy Kopp; 3) write at least one thing that gets cross-posted on the anti-Teach For America blogs as further evidence of the coming of the apolcalypse; and 4) totally blow your minds that a TFA lifer and a former AFT blogger could work together and blog together and, like, totally get along.  It’s wild, man. Reminds me of one of my childhood faves… (note: MM said she gets to be Stevie–apparently not a Paul fan…)

–Guestblogger Kevin Huffman

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