God Bless the Americas

I may never have sent a text message, but I was able to download Silverlight* at the Library of Congress and use the Reading Pre-Columbian Artifacts interactive, part of the Exploring the Early Americas exhibit. I love ceramics, but if you are more of U.S. history buff, get up close and personal with the U.S. Constitution interactive, part of the Creating the United States exhibit. The Library of Congress web site is a tremendous resource and well-worth exploring–makes me feel almost as patriotic as when I hear my 3 ½ year old sing God Bless America. (He recently learned the song at school. Not sure if he knows what “oceans white with foam” means, but I get downright teary-eyed listening to him to sing it.)

Oh, and all you teachers out there should also take a look at Library of Congress’ lesson plans and online activities.

*Takes half a hot minute to download.

–Guestblogger Michele McLaughlin

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