Crafting Beautiful Work

How can you not fall in love with an article on teaching practice with that kind of title? Love it! This article is just one of several worth reading in UnBoxed, the online education journal published by High Tech High’s Graduate School of Education.

If you don’t know, High Tech High is grounded in the theory of project-based learning. One of the other articles in this issue written by Jeff Robin, a founding faculty member at High Tech High, talks about the importance of planning, management and exhibition in doing project-based learning well. Here is what may be the best example ever of the importance of planning to effective instruction:

Exhibiting projects is a difficult task. Sometimes you get lucky and it comes together on its own. Mostly it takes planning and skill to do it well. I personally have been knocked unconscious hanging a ceramic mobile. I saw stars, and if I had planned it better and thought it out I would have never been in that position, 15 feet in the air on a lift, unconscious.

Hard to top that! After perusing UnBoxed, be sure to look at some of the students’ digital portfolios. Very cool stuff.

–Guestblogger Michele McLaughlin

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