Blue Shirt, Green Shirt, Red Shirt, Oops!

Over at The Early Ed Watch Blog, Sara Mead provides a roundup of recent blogging about the practice of “academic redshirting.” I gotta say, as the mom of a 3½ year old with a December birthday, I am quite puzzled by the pro-redshirting crowd. Who are these people prepared to pay for an extra year of child care? I can’t wait until my son starts kindergarten—I’ll get a about a $15K raise! Looks like new research shows it doesn’t have the academic payoff commonly thought anyway. Oops!

–Guestblogger Michele McLaughlin

2 Replies to “Blue Shirt, Green Shirt, Red Shirt, Oops!”

  1. Sometimes people accomplish the same effect with less cost by having a child do an extra year of kindergarten for vague reasons like “just not being ready”, and some districts encourage this practice. But at any rate most of the people doing this are in very well off communities where people don’t think twice about another year of childcare anymore then they think about having a kid repeat a grade in later years when they switch them to a private school which means an extra year of private school tuition, or having a child who is not mature enough for college do a Post-Graduate year at a private Boarding School.

  2. OK. Rotherham need not come back. What a classic post–playing the Boynton card. Love it!

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