Update From Locke

LA Times columnist Steve Lopez checks-in on Locke High School under its new management.  Background posts here.

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  1. I sure hope that the Green Dot approach works at Locke. And why shouldn’t it?

    They are taking a common sense strategy. Take charge of discipline, enforce tardy and attendance rules, don’t let hundreds of kids cut classes and hang out, smoke weed, play radios, and spray paint graffitti. THEN you can have serenity. THEN you can treat kids with respect, for instance allowing restroom breaks.

    Get rid of the burned out and otherwise incompetent teachers. Give teachers more control over curriculum and teaching methods. Make common sense reforms like a freshmen academy.

    The great majority of teachers, parents, and the community can agree with these common sense methods. Why not build on that agreement? Why trust in pet theories like top down curriculum alignment and pacing enforced by testing? My rule of thumb is this. When you have an education theorist who is so all-fired sure of themselves that they can not listen to the common sense of others, I wouldn’t gamable on their approach.

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