Check out the new policy and government specific search engine that has just launched. 

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  1. Hi Mr. Rotherham, you can feel free to delete this if you feel it’s necessary, but I sent an email yesterday and haven’t gotten any response yet. This is time sensitive so I cannot wait long for a response.

    Basically I am trying to win a contest at so I can get my business in education started.

    The place to vote is here:

    They don’t allow you to describe much detail there, so I added this blog to better explain things:

    I urge people to look at the explanation page before dismissing the idea as just another after school program. If Flypaper can help me by making an official announcement of my entry into the contest, I would really apreciate it. Thanks!

  2. Great search engine. I’m sure I’ll have even less of a life as I search around polisphere.

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