Reverting To Form?

Although it’s about the housing bill, Carl Hulse’s Times essay also offers a glimpse into one reason why Elementary and Secondary Education Act (NCLB) reauthorization is on hold…it increasingly looks as though President Bush’s embrace of a more active federal role in education may well be remembered as an anomaly rather than a point of departure or real pivot for Republicans on the ed policy issue.

One Reply to “Reverting To Form?”

  1. If we the Dems are going to permanently be the adults, as Barney Franks said, then the question really hits home for Ed Sector-type reformers as well as the Leftwingers who also continue to support NCLB. We don’t you guys come home? If you can stand on the stage with Al Sharpton, then surely you can do the same with the NEA.

    If we could get 1/4th of Republicans without demonizing teachers and unions, then we’d have a majority for education, wouldn’t we?

    I know I’m not going to change you on NCLB-type accountability, and visa versa, but think of all the “win win” solutions there are for poor school kids.

    If accountability hawks had engineered a great bipartisan “pivot,” then who would have cared who was more right or more wrong on testing? The harm done by even the worst testing system would have been dwarfed by the benefit of creating a New Deal for the 21st century.

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