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Through the weekend I’ll be at the Aspen Ideas Festival for an education session and some other goings on. So, posting might be light until Monday. And, on Friday and Saturday night we’re moving the blog to a new template and publishing platform so it will be dark for a few hours and please excuse any glitches through the weekend while our tech folks get all that sorted out. Best of all, for you, is that we’re going to improve the comment function, which has turned out to be a great feature but could be a lot more user and reader friendly and will be soon.

After that, I’ll blog through July but am taking August off. Kevin Huffman & Michele “One-L” McLaughlin from Teach for America, Richard Whitmire from USAT’s ed board, frequent Eduwonk guestblogger Michael “Gone Wild” Goldstein, and representatives of the Obama and McCain campaigns will be here to inform and entertain you.

Happy 4th of July.

Update:  ‘Tis done, as you can see.   The comment function is a little different and some comments may trigger a moderation feature.  I’ve never censored for content and won’t start now, but please be patient while we get that smoothed out with the new spam filter we’re using.

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  1. I also like the new look, although I notice that the content of the old site was on the right of my screen, and the new design puts it on the left.

    A subtle signal of a shift in politics? 🙂

  2. Left is better than right because I can read on my handheld now. Thank you.

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