Though I’d like to see it, I’m not as optimistic as some others about a 2009 that sees both a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and enactment of a broader scheme for childrens’ health insurance.   It seems like 2007 or 2008 was more the time for such a deal when the President could have enacted one of his top domestic priorities (a new version of No Child Left Behind) and Democrats could have enacted one of their top domestic issues (childrens’ health insurance).   That’s a deal because both issues involve policy for children.   What 2009 looks like depends on several things that are uncertain right now, including the composition of the government.  

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  1. When you say “a broader scheme for children’s heath insurance” what do you mean?

    On the surface it appears that you are saying that the plan to include more income brackets into the SCHIP program and thus expand the program beyond its original mandate to provide health care coverage to children who’s parents make too much for Medicaid provided care but not enough money to easily afford private insurance.

    I personally fail to see the glories of having the government to take over an expense that a couple who makes $82,000 a year so they can maintain the other elements of their lifestyle. If health care coverage is indeed a PRIORITY then why don’t you advocate that they consider what they are spending currently on that which is NOT a priority? Is there any particular glory in heading toward serfdom?

    [quote]That’s a deal because both issues involve policy for children. [/quote]

    I would counter you argument that being that INDEED this is “about the children” that the parents who’s job is to nurture and manage their educational experience and their health should be called upon more than ever to practice due care and diligence to insure that their children receive the priorities that they need to be well educated and healthy.

    I am not getting this “government centric” approach that you are seemingly favoring. With the low graduation rates that are being registered by some school districts (Indianapolis Public Schools reportedly only graduate 19% of their Black male students) it is clear that GOVERNMENT CENTRIC has it gross limitations. It is time that those who have interests for improvement take these plans directly to the people and receive BUY IN from them. IF they want a better outcome for their children THEN they (and their community) will have to be the primary agents for change. This benefit can no longer be expected to rain down upon them via that final piece of legislation that makes it all better.

    It just ain’t gonna happen that way.

  2. So you are saying sink or swim. I’m afraid that a lot of people secretly agree with you.

    We saw the logic of that in the 1930s, and we are doing our best to recreate that brutality.

    Here’s the sad fact (for you). Even if your morality can justify Social Darwinism, modern economics does not confirm the practicality of that approach.

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