Whitmire Goes Boy Crazy…

USAT’s Richard Whitmire has a new blog on education issues affecting boys, check it out. He needs a better picture, but otherwise it’s great stuff.

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  1. Certainly, more attention should be paid to the issue of the academic failure of boys.

    However, sites like these are extremely superficial, and perhaps counterproductive. There is no mention of the many qualitative studies done of the topic (Willis, Reay, Connell, etc) or the themes they have highlighted and attempted to bring to the forefront. Instead, there are many links to popular newspapers with some (flimsy) analysis.

    Interesting that so much attention is paid to literacy when Whiltmire contributes to USAToday – a paper often critized for its ‘dumbing down’ through the frequent use of bullet points, graphs, charts, etc.

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