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  1. If I could direct $5 Billion in the public school system, I’d try to strengthen the weaker areas and expand Gardner’s multiple intelligences theories. I’d put money into remedial programs to bring our left behind students (and those products of the system’s educational whims) up to speed. I’d put money into ESL programs in places most needed, so those language learners don’t just get shoved into GenEd before they’re ready or get shoved into SpEd because they have difficulties. I’d give internet access to each classroom if I could, but at least to each school. I’d make community service a component in the regular edution system, so that students connect with and respect their communities. I’d fund community night school for the community, teaching skills that are relevant to the community (i.e., entrepeneurial programs). I’d incorporate programs like YoungBiz and M.A.G.I.C. into the curriculums of our public schools. I’d fund music and art for all students.
    But if I could only do one thing with my $5 Billion, I’d build more technical schools, where students can study mechanical trades, computer tech, home ec., and business skills, in conjunction with associated academic skills. The academic track schools would focus on language arts, science, math, social studies/history, and dramatic arts.

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