Has AFTie John Been Disintermediated?

Well, it’s hardly the first union job to fall prey to competitive disruptions caused by technology. Looks like our friend AFTie John, erstwhile blogging partner of the great One-L, has just lost his spot as Washington’s top anti-NCLB propagandist to the NEA’s Joel Packer and his new blog.

Actually, Packer is about the hardest working and smartest education lobbyist in Washington so if he and the NEA can resist the urge to just slash at No Child Left Behind this could be a great and useful blog. First test: It took the AFTies exactly 18 days to realize that just attacking No Child wasn’t that interesting a read. What’s the over/under on Joel’s blog?

Update: Kevin “I’ll fight the whole lot of ya” Carey notices the new blog, too.

Update II: Don’t miss AFTie Ed:

Eduwonk wants to know if this means my blogging brother John is losing some sort of status as a result. John’s a cult figure, a populist icon and a true friend to educators everywhere. There’s no way that the creation of a mere blog can change that. My big concern is that Joel is podcasting. Having listened to the Gadfly’s podcasts a couple of times, I am uncertain as to whether this is a wise course of action.

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  1. Nice try Charlie Brown but the football will be pulled again. No matter how smart Packer may be, and he cannot be that smart if he is working there, the blog will not be interesting. BT

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