Excess Of Excess!

I’ve now read the UFT’s excess report (pdf), referenced in the NYT story in the post below. Short take: We don’t need Medina after all! I’ll stick with this. Original TNTP report here (pdf).

But, worth nothing that although you wouldn’t know it from the rhetoric, the UFT’s recommendations are actually pretty similar to TNTP’s… it’s almost as though some of this is just theater…

Update: Poor Leo Casey, Joel Klein has simply turned him into a raving paranoid:

Today, the first signs of the Department of Education’s response [to the UFT’s report] could be found on the Eduwonk blog, where Andy Rotherham reported that the DoE top brass are now claiming that only 30 ATRs — unlike the near 200 we found — are in regular program…

Yes, Leo, they sent me the information very discreetly through a covert back channel: Jennifer Medina’s New York Times story….where it, of course, was reported over the weekend.

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