Contract Negotiations Unpacked…Big Time

Wow. When Jane Hannaway and I did our book on teachers’ contracts, we suggested that more transparency around negotiations was one easy step to improve the process. Seth Kirk a parent in Minneapolis really took that idea all the way home. He followed the negotiations there every step of the way….

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  1. I enjoy the fact that one of Seth’s key frustrations is with the length of time required by the interest-based process. I wonder if he realizes how much the interest-based model is championed by the “teachers are professionals–let’s do something different and nicer” crowd.

    If Seth’s analysis is accurate, it seems like the interest-based process was a significant factor in the district’s “reform” gains. Interest-based bargaining often gains traction after a tough round of previous positional negotiations. Both sides invest serious time and there is a common sense that this investment of time is for the sole purpose of avoiding a strike. I think this doomed MTA from the start.

    Seth proposes positional bargaining to expedite the process. He might want to watch out for what he wishes for. Positional bargaining might help MTA get their business in order and stand up to their Board. Seth could then observe “the short and bloody” and really start to round out his resume.

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