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  1. maybe this will help put an end to the ‘college for everyone’ movement. not everyone can afford to go to college.

    the education industrial complex and its partners (foundation) might better take a ‘realist’ approach and do what they can to study why these career academies work and then replicate.

    is education ot about life outcomes?

  2. read the article-

    “Forget the old-fashioned “vocational ed” classes that sent students on a decidedly noncollege track. Over the last quarter-century, a new kind of high school program known as a career academy has proliferated, especially in low-income districts, that combines job placement, college preparation and classes beyond the vocational trades, from accounting to health care.”

  3. i did read the article, my point is that a dominant theme in the EIC is college-prep and competitiveness. ‘voc ed’ has changed for the better, but do you see superintendents and charters clamoring for career academies or foundation’s clamoring to support career academies? nada. college or bust is it.

    i hope this report changes that and makes people wake up and realize that relevance to real life is one of the things that career academies work. 9if you read my first post you would have garnered that – in line 1).

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