Moment Of Truth

Looks like this was some inadvertent truth telling from a D.C. teachers’ union official to The Washington Post:

Without seniority, [DC Schools Chancellor] Rhee could place teachers based on qualifications or performance rather than years of service, said the union member, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are confidential.

My God! What an awful idea. Qualifications? Performance? That’s insane! Next they’ll be saying we should pay people in part based on how well they do their job. Crazy talk that can only lead to more attention to student needs…

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  1. Actually I agree with you on this. We “teachers” should be judged on how well we do our jobs but, you shouldn’t have to be a “star” to make a difference or earn higher pay. You should just not suck.
    Just moving some kids one grade level should be enough to earn higher compensation.

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