Agreement? Leo, Let’s Hug It Out!

It seems this Leo Casey Edwize post actually makes my point, or at least the point I was trying to make. Is Leo saying that the UFT schools have essentially a different arrangement than other NYC schools? I think he is! And I agree and think that’s great. In fact, a winning message for them is that unionization and flexibility need not be in opposition. But, they (they being teachers’ unions nationally) need more than a few examples to drive that point home.

It is a little weird though for him to say that I have made an a priori decision to oppose the UFT’s charter schools since I (a) don’t oppose it now and (b) was one of the people to side with the UFT and argue they should have it in the first place…remember the “Free The UFT Two” campaign? But what’s a little history when we’re on the cusp of agreement! Let’s hug it out Leo!

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