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There has been a lot of blogging about Senator Obama’s education speech in Colorado Wednesday. I liked it. I didn’t like a few things (for instance NCLB doesn’t have single high stakes tests for accountability despite the myth that is loose in the land) but overall on balance it was a serious speech about investing more and demanding more from public schools. Or “mutual responsibility” as he called it. Like Barone I think that’s a pretty sensible formula and politically smart, too…

But, as much as I’d like to think that a smart and well-timed education speech from either candidate, or Senator McCain for that matter, would serve as a stirring call to arms for voters and impact the race, it ain’t so….

8 Replies to “About The Speech”

  1. Bland approval and a statement of the obvious — is that all you have to say?

  2. I thought I read that you’d advised the Obama campaign. If true, shouldn’t you disclose that?

  3. Or, perhaps, acknowledging that you’ve advised HRC? Unless you think that the campaign really is over, and hence that’s no longer relevant. Transparency, Andy — it’s all the rage these days.

  4. Umm, if transparency is all the rage, why are you declining to put your name in a critique of Andy?

  5. Umm, because my identity is irrelevant to the problem that Andy Rotherham isn’t acknowledging his role as an advisor to presidential campaigns in public comments on the speeches made by presidential candidates.

  6. He is a Democrat and he talks to Democratic candidates? Should he also disclose that he breathes and uses the bathroom?

  7. I agree about disclosure. Andy should say he’s recusing himself from talking about the candidates because of his involvement with them, or indicate on his posts when he’s commenting on a campaign that he’s working with or has worked with.

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