They Got Capone On His Taxes…

The Ohio Federation of Teachers is going after White Hat Management over their tax status… but by most accounts their schools just aren’t very good…wish I thought all this was all about quality.

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  1. Yes, lots of charter schools aren’t very good. And AG Dann and State Auditor Taylor have been going after the really bad ones for that reason.

    But White Hat is different because it is a for-profit company.

    Regardless of how you feel about Charter Schools, they are funded by tax-payer dollars are expected to provide a quality service equal to that of public schools.

    White Hat doesn’t do that- instead they cut corners, hire inexperienced teacher, and generally fail to provide kids with the education the state is paying them to provide- and they keep the extra money for themselves.

    And on top of all that- the schools operate tax-free?

    Sounds like a huge scam to me.

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