Rick Hess had better dial it up a few notches if he wants to remain the most hated person at AERA…

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  1. Nice to see you’ve joined in building the inane Obama/Ayers pile-on. BTW, Ayers is hardly “the most hated” in AERA. In fact, he was just elected AERA V.P. by an overwhelming margin. Maybe literate, thinking educators don’t buy in to all the b.s.

  2. No offence to the “literate, thinking educators,” but is it really appropriate for AERA to elect as VP someone who STILL believes he shouldn’t apologize for his role in violence/terror-as-political-protest until the government apologizes for Vietnam. Has anybody read his blog recently?

  3. Anon 9:37 it looks like the “hated” was referring to the author of the article not Ayers.

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