More Props For Kopp

Wendy Kopp on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people…Not only is she in the company of Madison and Wilson, she’s more influential than the cast of High School Musical!

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  1. In honor of Wendy Kopp, the cast of High School Musical has revamped their hit song “Bop to the Top.” Here is a sample of the lyrics:

    I believe in dreaming
    And shooting for the stars

    Baby to be number one
    You got to raise the bar

    Kicking and a scratching
    Grinding out my best

    Anything it takes to climb
    The ladder of success

    Work our tails off everyday
    Gotta bump the competition
    Blow them all away

    With KIPP

    We’ll whip

    All the other schools…
    as their scores slip.

    Kopp Kopp Kopp, Kopp to the top
    Slip and slide and ride that rhythm
    Til you can beat the pack
    and intern at Goldman Sachs!

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