More NYC Charters

More on the rough sailing at the UFT’s charter school in New York City. Some recent background here. Quick takes: A lot of attention on this school, but it’s important to disentangle problems that wouldn’t ever see the light of day in a newspaper at any other school from genuinely newsworthy items. I think reporter Elizabeth Green has done that here. This school shouldn’t be held to a higher standard across the board, but on items like this there is a higher standard especially because at any other charter school UFT bloggers and fellow travelers would be screaming bloody murder on stuff like this. But, the UFT deserves a lot of credit for hanging in there, the NEA turned tail on their charter initiative in the face of a lot less. This is brutally difficult work.

In other Gotham charter news, the admission lottery last week at Harlem Success Academy — mostly the disappointed parents who didn’t get in — has attracted a lot of press attention.

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