Fordham Fellows

They’re back…and you can be one. Deadline is next week. Last year’s crop said they got a lot out of the experience in the different organizations they worked in and also through the interaction with the policy community. Plus, they have a blog…(although it looks like someone at Fordham forgot to renew the domain name!)

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  1. Ah, the annual listing of the ridiculous session titles at the AERA! I do look forward to it.

    The worst part is, there’s probably some interesting stuff in some of those sessions, actually useful to classroom teachers, grounded in experience, etc. But who could tell?

    As amusing as this conference sounds, I’d be too afraid to enter the rooms. I bet an alarm would go off alerting people to the fact that I’m not a Marxist, and have taught in a voucher school and a charter school. I’d have to get out of there before they started pelting me with parentheses and slashes.

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