Catholic Schools And Fordham’s Good…

I’ve been swamped and didn’t have time to write about the Catholic school report from Fordham (pdf). They got a lot of press because they caught the slipstream of the recent visit by the Pope. Nonetheless, it’s a great report and a good look at the issue. But, although I really like Catholic schools and see the benefit they provide, I’m still not sold on the public bailout that a lot of folks want absent some substantial reciprocal obligations on the part of parochial schools that they have thus far resisted.

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  1. Andy-

    No one is talking about a “public bail-out.” What people have been talking about is ending the discrimination in funding.

    Even here in Arizona, where more steps have been taken to ensure parental choice than most anywhere else, taxpayers shell out an average of $8,500 if you go to a district school, $7,600 if you go to a charter school. If you attend a Catholic school, you MIGHT receive some tax credit aid of around $2,000.

    Even with this limited aid, Arizona’s Catholic schools are thriving while they are in deep decline elsewhere. However, I’d love to see someone convince me that the public interest is four times better served by a kid attending a public school than a Catholic school.

    We have a public school system that fails to teach 44% of 4th graders to read, according to the NAEP. Where is the reciprocal obligation in that?

    Matthew Ladner

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