When Fordham Attacks

Per this, Fordham Foundation took to the streets today to protest outside the U.S. Department of Education…they are really ratcheting it up with FOIA’s etc….they’d better have the goods here…though I would assume they’re smart enough not to ask questions like this if they don’t know the answer or didn’t have some tipsters…

Update: There is video! And, smart money today says my assumption is not so smart…picking a fight with David Obey like this may not be remembered as Fordham’s most deft move ever…

3 Replies to “When Fordham Attacks”

  1. As a strong advocate for Reading First and for the reinstatement of its funding, I was deeply disappointed in Fordham’s counter productive, us-vs-them, polarizing activities yesterday. They gave Reading First a bad name and really did a disservice to all the students whom Fordham purports to be supporting. Too bad

  2. I disagree that they gave Reading First bad name. Obey and the IG did that a year ago. Then Obey kept publicly bad-mouthing it for months, until he finally cut the funding.

    Kudos to Fordham that decided finally to stand up to this, and call Obey the bullshitter he is.

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