6 Replies to “Two On Turnarounds”

  1. It was inspiring to learn about two schools that are striving to fulfill a vision. Great leadership makes a difference!

  2. As a novice teacher, I am always challenged to make sure I am putting my heart into everything I do. This expert leader made me remember just why I love working in this profession – inspirational leaders and fellow teachers!

  3. To read more about how hope can keep teachers going, check out:

    Nieto, S. (2003). What keeps teachers going? New York: Teachers College Press.

  4. The video clip of the principal who came with a vision and succeeded should be an inspiration to us all. What an task to take on and he did it with such little experience. It truly shows what caring and making connections with students, teachers, and community members can make such a big impact!

  5. What a great inspiration to anyone in the educational field! Whether in a school district with limited resources or one with many, there will always be a time when a vision is needed and a person to fulfill it.

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