Serve You Please?

Welcome to Potomac Primary day! Yet another opportunity to stay up late watching endless political coverage and to wake up the next day with no clearer picture of who will be the next Democratic nominee for President.

Regardless which leading candidate takes up residence on Penn Ave, we are likely to see an expansion of the Corporation for National and Community Service. Clinton, McCain, and Obama have all been active supporters of national service. (I was surprised and appalled that our current administration didn’t seize on the groundswell of public motivation after 9/11 to dramatically expand national service.) Hopefully we’ll see more AmeriCorps funding for education service initiatives like TFA and City Year, and greater support for K-12 and Higher Ed service learning programs.

If you’re near D.C. tomorrow, and are interested in joining a conversation about AmeriCorps and education reform, there may still be space available at this event.

– Guestblogger Michael Robbins

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