Ravitch v. Bloomberg…v. Ed Next?

Elizabeth Green has the goods on the latest Ravitch controversy out of Gotham. The offending article can be found here, and what looks like the gist of the editors’ note, here. Both point out the mixed news, hard to say this is a whitewash…Behind the scenes lots of chatter on this one…and some evidence that I was at least partly wrong on this in terms of the hopes of R edutalent.

Update: Amusing sideshow. From the hinterlands Russo cuts loose with some pathetic bitching that he could have written a much better article and throws some feeble jabs at the author, Peter Meyer. I just hope the post wasn’t intended to drive home that point…

Update II: Ravitch continues to be ruthlessly silenced by Bloomberg-Klein, this time in a response to the above in the NY Sun.

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