Problems at Gizmo High

Here’s a story that will make you think twice about your plans for new technology in the classroom.

The problem? What a former Alexandria school superintendent calls “technolust” — a disorder affecting publicity-obsessed school administrators nationwide that manifests itself in an insatiable need to acquire the latest, fastest, most exotic computer gadgets, whether teachers and students need them or want them.

I’m a big advocate for the power of technology, but I have a corresponding amount of fear and disdain for the Blue Screen of Death.

– Guestblogger Michael Robbins

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  1. I’ve read your blog for at least 3 years. On this post I clicked on the link “Here’s a Story” and read the article. Eduwonk you need to do better than describe the article as a “story”. The Washington Post may have published it but the author is clearly not an objective journalist. I know you can do better when directing your readers to the important discussions occuring among educators.

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