More EduJobs: Freeze Your You Know What Off Edition

The conspiracy’s North Pole outpost is hiring. Two interesting edujobs in Chicago, where it’ll be a balmy 28 today. Well, it’s not windy right? And at least the airport is always easy to get in and out of. But, and this is a big but, these are two really interesting jobs that will make the time on the tarmac fly by. We kid because we love, it is one of the country’s great cities. Anyway:

Joyce Foundation* is hiring an education program officer. If you want to work at a foundation that has supported some really good work to put some important issues on the agenda this is the place. I think you can make a case that the conversation about human capital would not be where it is but for some of their investments.

The Chicago Public Education Fund, which has supported some great work with the school district there that has resulted in some real changes around teachers and school leaders is looking for a Director of Program Investments.

*Current and past funder.

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