Invasion Of The Contract Snatchers!

Eduwonk said keep an eye on Denver. Did you? Events there are happening fast but basically the “let my people go” approach prevailed at two Denver schools where teachers wanted more freedom. Denver Post here. Meanwhile, the appetite for freedom is spreading. And don’t forget, this sort of thing is on the table in D.C., Los Angeles, New York City, etc…

Here’s a prediction: Not too far in the future you’ll see cities where rather than one teachers’ contract with a few derivations, there will instead be a portfolio of contracts reflecting different kinds of schools, earned autonomy, special needs, and so forth. The teachers’ unions don’t love this now, but I think they will learn to because it will quickly sort out those who just don’t like unions from those who just want to see schools be able to operate differently. And, there are still important roles for them in a new environment like that.

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