Mike Petrilli at the Fordham Foundation suggests that Huckabee would make a great pick as the next Secretary of Education.

If my goal was to strengthen support of faith-based education initiatives, selecting Huckabee for this slot would be my last choice.

In the recent State of the Union address, the President used some of his few words on education to announce a White House summit on preserving and strengthening faith-based inner-city schools. Many of these schools are education lifelines for low-income families, but Republican “faith-based” education initiatives incite knee-jerk opposition from the political left. It’s too easy to dismiss them as pandering to Christian evangelicals without even considering the policy merits. Would having a Baptist minister at Maryland Avenue help this situation?

Now if Huck manages a miracle and secures the presidency, would he name Checker Finn Secretary of Education? We know who he’ll put in charge of Homeland Security.

– Guestblogger Michael Robbins

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