Fun With Science!

Learn about interesting and exciting bugs and insects…and then kill them.

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  1. Insects may be pests under many circumstances, but they should not be demonized. This exterminator- produced approach teaches kids to hate insects, just as kids have been taught that bacteria are always evil.

  2. Bernie, the Junior Pest Investigators Advisory Council ( would be sorry to hear your first impression is that Junior Pest Investigators demonizes insects. In fact, this group of entomologists and IPM experts went out of their way to avoid just that kind of stereotyping. Junior P.I. is designed instead to guide students to do their own inquiry into insects, the natural roles they play in the environment, and non-chemical ways to keep them “alive and outside” where they belong. Consider this excerpt from the Junior P.I. Teacher’s Guide:

    “Are all insects bugs? Is a pest always a pest? The answer is no, and that’s why choosing and using correct terminology from the glossary when teaching the lessons is important. Help your students use the terms correctly and consistently. The language of science is precise, and the lessons guide you in the use of accurate terms and definitions so students avoid stereotyping, misunderstanding, or making broad or inaccurate generalizations. You and your students will discover many examples of times and places when a ‘pest’ is not a pest!”

    Take a minute with and judge for yourself.

    –Your friends at

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