D.C. EduHappy Hour Tonight

Young Education Professionals is hosting a happy hour tonight in D.C. I know several of the folks involved in this and it’s a worthy effort and a good opportunity to meet some people with similar interests if you’re in D.C. Here’s the blurb:

Young Education Professionals is a group that provides individuals who are relatively new to the education policy scene in D.C. with the opportunity to network, learn about education-related going ons and meet potential colleagues and peers. We are having our next happy hour on Tuesday, February 5, at 6:00pm at Science Club (1136 19th Street NW Washington DC 20036). YEP Happy Hours are a casual–but great–chance to meet and network with other young professionals working in Education Policy in the Washington D.C. area. All are welcome.

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  1. As a past attendee to these “social events,” fellas look at this exclusively as a professional networking opportunity. You’re not going to meet your future wife, let alone find love here. It’s not going to provide the aesthetic accoutremonts of say a Kappa Alpha Theta social at UNC-Chapel Hill if you follow my drift…

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