Showing You The Money

A lot of chatter today from right and left about Mike Antonucci’s unpacking of the $12 million that the NEA gave to various advocacy groups in 2006-07. Joe Williams offers some thoughts here on the FairTest angle, which matters a lot around No Child Left Behind. In the context of FairTest’s budget $35K is no small thing and some journos seemingly should have been more careful about context. The other one that caught a lot of eyes is $277K for the Center for Teaching Quality, that’s a whole lot of jack…Update: But you can’t say they’re not getting their money’s worth!

Nothing illegal here or even wrong, but the NEA is the big dog on the education block so it’s relevant context to understanding various dynamics in education and something the ed press should be attuned to.

Re Education Sector, no wading through disclosures: You can see all our support here.

5 Replies to “Showing You The Money”

  1. The money from NEA to CTQ was for working conditions studies in 4 states. The NEA is investing in 8 more states this year.

  2. If that’s so, it’s pretty interesting that it includes a $200,000 grant listed as “public relations costs.”

  3. It’s amazing what a bunch of teachers can do when given the opportunity to lead in education. CTQ is great and I’m glad to see one of the “big dogs” supporting excellence.

  4. As a dues-paying (by choice) member of NEA and a member of CTQ’s Teacher Leader Network, I am thrilled to see my dues money at work helping to bring the voices and work of real, proven successful teachers into education policy issues. Personally, I’d like to see NEA spend less money on some other things and more on projects like the statewide summits of National Board Certified Teachers or the educator working conditions surveys.

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