New Talk

At NewTalk they’re having an education discussion featuring Public Agenda’s Jean Johnson, UFT’s Leo Casey, Common Good’s Janet Corcoran, Fordham’s Checker Finn, KIPP’s Ryan Hill, Diane Ravitch, and Deb White a Wyoming teacher and founder of the Cody Teen Leadership Coalition.

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  1. Lots about “so much testing.” I don’t get it. Maybe Massachusetts is an outlier. Our 10th graders have less than 10 hours per year of MCAS, out of 1,000+ hours of school. Less than 1%.

    Half the grades (K, 1, 2, 9, 11, 12) in MA don’t even take MCAS.

    Ravitch and Finn seem to agree that national standards and assessments (Ravitch=feds; Finn=opt-in created by Achieve et al) are the way to go.

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