A few people read this as a slight or tried to read things into it. Don’t bother, it was just an interesting question.

This, however, is obviously a slight.

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  1. “For starters, its creators unaccountably (and, we think, knowingly, willfully, and politically) ignored the path-breaking work in this field by the National Council on Teacher Quality, including that organization’s superb state teacher policy “yearbook,” which you can find here.” I did not know that superb meant full of factual errors and misrepresentations. I pointed these out to a NCTQ person, but never heard back on any effort to change the errors.

    “As the graph shows, the salaries of other professions have a more gradual slope. That’s because there is no, say, National United Computer Programmers union that sets salaries for all the nation’s tech nerds, leaving programmers free to negotiate for salaries based on their individual experience and skills.” Ummm, last time I checked, the entire south did not have teacher unions. Districts can pay teachers however much they want and in whatever form they want. The only constraint is a state minimum salary schedule that establishes a base pay. Everyone pays more than that in the states I have looked at. C’mon now–if they are going to criticize the QC report–at least get the facts straight in the critique.

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