Margaret Spellings: Oceanographer

I saw Secretary Spellings the other day and she made two interrelated points that bear mentioning here. She said that no matter how you slice it, No Child Left Behind has created a national conversation about education. That’s more or less right. But she also noted that federal authority on accountability is threatened by a “cross current” of states rights federalists and “anti-accountability obstructionists.” I agree about that. The “national conversation” has brought the simmering tensions around this issue to a head because the law cuts close to the bone. But, that she’d come right out and say it, especially against the backdrop of the presidential primaries, says a lot about how high she thinks the stakes are here for the law as well as the divides within the Republican party on this issue.

Spellings Update: Guess some things are still taboo on that side, some monkey business in Florida…

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  1. I heard her on the John Merrow podcast, and it was the same story. The teachers that Merrow interviews all wish for a different plan (included last year’s teacher of the year).

  2. Smart observation. I think the stakes are high…especially if you are a poor or minority kid hoping and praying that your school stays the course in improving teaching in your school.

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