Two Big Apples

NY Sun’s Green looks at the NAEP accomodation issue. More background on NAEP here.

And in Politco, USAT’s Whitmire goes gaga for Bloomberg.

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  1. And special thanks should be given to Elizabeth Carson, director of NYC HOLD ( , a non-partisan advocacy group, for breaking the story on accomodations in NY. Thanks to her research, the NY Sun got their

    For more background on NAEP, there are a series of reports written by Tom Loveless of Brookings for the Brown Center for Education that look at the controversies surrounding NAEP. Go to to link to the various reports. Of interest is the 2004 report which discusses how the questions on the math portion of NAEP have been dumbed down over the years, thus resulting in what looks like an increase in math achievement across the US over the years.

    Barry Garelick

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