Replacing Margaret Spellings: Clay Aiken

Huckabee surging in Iowa. What’s his K-12 look like? Voila. Usual Republicanisms of choice + states rights + fire bad people, with twist: MEGA props to art and music education. Nice stroke. Humanizing.

Petrilli in National Review Online: The candidates’ K-12 education proposals are, by and large, the same old same old. But, he says, there are a few promising ones (West Point for teachers; Virtual Learning Innovation Fund; vouchers for active-duty military; voluntary national standards; tax credit for home schoolers).

-Guestblogger GGW

*You think I’m kidding about Aiken. He’s already wired into HHS!

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  1. With funding from State Farm, Aiken is also developing a K-12 curriculum through his BubelAiken Foundation for inclusion of Special Needs students into classrooms with typical children.

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